This Stage of Life? It's For My Kids...

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I read article after article about how to "do it all."

Facebook posts take over my newsfeed about quick supplements and nap time workout routines. The best baby carriers and strollers to help you multitask. How to look beautiful on little to no sleep... 

This stage of life is hard. All of these things can help you manage; can help you conquer it all. 

Why are there no articles popping up about how to say "F*$! IT!" Why do we need to do it all? Why do we need to make things so hard on ourselves? Why is there so much pressure to look great, stay fit, socialize... 

I don't know about you but I had 25 years to do all of that. A quarter of a century where life was lived just for me. I could be selfish, sleep in, spend two hours on my hair, go to the gym twice a day if I wanted to (that's hilarious), work extra hours, have hobbies. 25 years for me. 

But this stage of life?

It's for my kids.

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Fill your cup before you can take care of your babies? I don't believe that. "Me" time? You'll have plenty of it when your kids want nothing to do with you. If you DO need these things, theres nothing wrong with that. Make the time, find the balance. More power to you for being able to manage everything. And yes, of course, we all need some time to refresh. This is for those of you who need to hear that its okay not to "do it all." 

We all have different priorities. Take the time to figure out what those are. Make sure you are living for you and your own needs, not what social media tells you.

Take a step back in your career. Use paper plates. Invest in dry shampoo. Snuggle your babies. Close the door to the playroom and don't stress about the amount of Legos and Barbies on the floor. Embrace that baby weight. Watch a movie with your kids. Sit down for family dinner every night - even if its take out. Better yet, have a picnic on the living room floor. Let go of all the pressure! Your babies will only be babies for a little bit of time. Before you know it, they'll be in school full time and you'll have every day to work out and get your hair done.

So, while everyone is trying to learn about how to juggle everything, I'm here to tell you its okay to drop a few things for now. In case you needed to hear it. Its okay to say "fuck it" and just enjoy this tiny, tiny amount of time. Pick up the pieces when they're older.

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