8 Ways To Better Document Your Children's Lives

I guess I'm known for taking too many pictures. I document every single thing my kids do. I have made a point to take a photo and/or video clip each day of their lives. (Stay tuned for our Summer of 2017 time lapse video)! 

I'm often asked by other moms, and even other photographers, for tips for on documenting daily life with kids. So, I decided I'd jot down some of my favorite ways and share them here for everyone. 

Just to add- this doesn't only work for kids! Try documenting your pets, siblings, friends, even your grandparents! You'll be surprised with what you come up with when you try out these tips!

8 ways to better document your children's lives

1. Get down to their level

Want to see what your kids see? Try coming down to their level. Your photo will tell a very different story when the camera view looks like a part of the fun rather than just an observer. 

South Shore, Massachusetts Family Photographer

2. shoot from above

Something as easy as shooting from above your subjects can take your photos to another whole level. Shooting it this way gives it a totally different look than if it were shot straight on.

South Shore, MA Family Photographer

3. explore

I actually had Jake pull over on a main road to let Big H and I out of the car to take photos here. There was nowhere to park so he and Little H drove around Providence, Rhode Island until I was done shooting. Take the plunge. Don't be afraid to pull over when you see something worth stopping for.

South Shore, Massachusetts Family Photographer

4. Pay attention to details

Sometimes its the little things that tell the story. This is one of my favorite photos. You can tell how much alike these two chicas are without even looking at their faces or their surroundings. These little hands say so much. 

South Shore, Massachusetts Family Photographer

5. get in close

Just as I noted above, sometimes its all in the details. The focus here is on my daughters gorgeous, little, facial features as she blows her dandelion and makes her wish. The story here is all in those few inches. It wouldn't have added anything to the story by widening the angle to show more of her surroundings. 

Marshfield, Massachusetts Family Photographer

6. back up

Yeah, yeah. I know I just said to get in close. Do both! Make sure you are moving all around. Capture it all. I only shoot with prime lenses so I'm used to having to move my body to get different shots. I usually feel like I just finished a work out after a session. Getting in close is important, but this photo would not have the same impact if it wasn't such a wide angle. 

South Shore, Massachusetts Family Photographer

7. Find the light

Some days I feel like all I'm doing is seeking out great light. Other days, it falls just on the right spot at just the right time. Train your eyes to look for light. It can really add impact to your image.

south shore Massachusetts family photographer

8. try Different angles

If you haven't noticed by now, the theme here is to try different things. Different angles, different locations, different perspectives. The best thing you can do is to take risks and keep shooting. You'll learn so much by just practicing and figuring out what works and what doesn't work for you!

South Shore, Massachusetts Family Photographer


I'd LOVE to see what you come up with! Feel free to tag @kristenanastacia on IG or e-mail me some of your photos at hello@kristenanastacia.com! I may even feature your work!



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